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Centered around Nassau, the country’s capital, there are miles of white, sandy beaches caressed by the gentle waves of the beautiful blue of the Atlantic ocean.

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Destination Bahamas

Comprised of over 700 isles, inlets and cays, the Bahamas are a veritable paradise nestled within the calm, warm arms of the Atlantic Ocean. Mere miles from the coast of Florida, its pristine waters call to it enough tourists every year. In 2012, that meant over 5.8 million visitors to its sandy shores.

Though a collection of islands, the Bahamas is split into two distinct regions. The first, known as the Bahamas, is where the majority of cruise ship tourism comes to port. Centered around Nassau, the country’s capital, there are miles of white, sandy beaches caressed by the gentle waves of the beautiful blue of the Atlantic ocean. Shops, museums and historical buildings fill out the interior, inviting in all those that want to truly participate in the island’s culture. Of the gifts that can be purchased, the most notable to the region are the baskets, bags and other items made from the fronds of the local palms. On Boxing Day and New Year’s, the world famous Bahamian street parade, known as the Junkanoo, is held in celebration. During the day, regattas dot the waters with old-fashioned work boats pitted against one another in sport, further celebrated with on-land entertainment. Food is also a major player in Bahamian culture, with such festivities as the Pineapple Fest in Gregory Town or the Crab Fest in Andros.

The second area of the island collection is known as the Exuma. Comprised of over 365 of the 700 islands that make up the country, this section is named after the 37 mile long cay known as the Great Exuma. Its largest town is George Town with a population of 1,000. In addition, the Tropic of Cancer runs right through one of this area’s main beaches. Like the Bahamas, tourism drives this region, but not the same type of tourism. Where Nassau is open to all walks of life, Exuma is much more secluded and pulls in those that prefer nature adventures. Boating, scuba diving, fishing and even hiking, this collection of little lands are great for those that love adventure. If you like animals, head on over to Major’s Spot Cay. At some point in history, pigs were introduced to the island. Now domesticated, the swim out to greet those that venture too close, expecting to be fed a few tasty morsels.

Whether it’s a secluded vacation on one of the most beautiful strips of island in the Atlantic or a fun-filled, people-fueled romp through the city streets of the capital, the Bahamas has everything you need. So close to the mainland US, if you can’t do it all in one go, heading back for a second time through is even easier.

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Destination Bahamas

Bahamas Adventures



Dolphin Swim From Nassau

Jump on a ferry to Blue Lagoon Island from Nassau Harbor and make your dream of playing with a friendly dolphin a reality during the Dolphin Swim program. Your experience begins with a relaxing 20-minute ferry ride that takes you past historic Nassau landmarks and the luxury homes of Paradise Island.



Exuma Swimming Pigs Adventure

Enjoy a fun filled, action packed excursion aboard a 35 foot custom designed Power Cat while you  swim with the pigs, snorkel, beach comb and experience all the beauty of the Exumas in one tour. Your captain and first mate will entertain you with excellent knowledge and first class service as you cruise in and out of over 75 magnificent, little known cays

Bahamas All Inclusive Resorts

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Sandals Royal Bahamian- Nassau, Bahamas


Sandals Royal Bahamian

Enjoy all inclusive Bahamas vacations at this luxurious resort, featuring its own offshore island filled with every amenity, romantic adventures, and the region’s finest seafood restaurant.

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sandals emerald bay golf course


Sandals Emerald Bay

Sandals Emerald consist of elegant villas and suites harmonize with nature. Secluded within 500 tropical acres along a pristine, mile-long beach , civilized pleasure coexists with exotic adventures, from three impressive pools

Rates from


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