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Popularly referred to as the Spice Isle, Grenada has some of the most amazing islands with unsullied landscapes that cover breathtaking white sand beaches, awe-inspiring turquoise waters, amazing stretches of corals, and lush green rainforests.

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Destination Grenada

Popularly referred to as the Spice Isle, Grenada has some of the most amazing islands with unsullied landscapes that cover breathtaking white sand beaches, awe-inspiring turquoise waters, amazing stretches of corals, and lush green rainforests. From cinnamon to cloves, allspice, ginger, nutmeg, citrus peels, and cocoa beans, there is no end to the number of aromatic spices that the islands of Grenada offer.

Although these magnificent islands were colonized by the French in the 17th century, it was first discovered by the world-famous explorer, Columbus, in the 15th century. As a three island state, Grenada has sister isles – Carriacou and Petite Martinique which are closely connected in so many ways that you can hardly visit one without longing to have a view of the other. Of these three sister isles, Grenada has the largest land mass with a total area of 133 square miles. It has a width of 18 km as well as a length of 34 km. Whichever of these islands your itinerary takes you to, you are bound to have an unforgettable experience.

Apart from the overwhelming natural beauty of Grenada, its hospitable inhabitants will make every bit of your visit even more fulfilling. With an estimated population of just 113,000 people who are descents of African, European and East Indian sojourners, the islands of Grenada offer great racial and individual diversities that you can hardly find elsewhere. The citizens of the islands are always ready to showcase their culture and help tourists enjoy every moment of their remarkable visits,

Being a destination that has tourism as its major industry, Grenada has several mind-blowing natural and human-made attractions that attract visitors each year. One of the places to be is the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park, which is the first underwater sculpture park in the world that has continued to fascinate both the young and the old. Do not miss out on enjoying the stunning sight of a circle of children holding hands and other spectacular human-like sculptures found in this one-of-a-kind park.

Get thrilled in the amazing beaches found in different locations around the islands. Take a trip to Grand Anse Beach which is well-known for its striking long stretch of white sand, astonishing hotels, amazing views of the capital city of Grenada, St. George’s, and an aethestically arranged clump of almond trees and palms. Explore the impressive Seven Sisters Fall, Annandale Waterfalls and other falls on the islands of Grenada. Also, check out Fort Frederick, Belmonte Estate, Dougaldston Spice Estate, Grand Etang National Park, Fort George, Tufton Hall, and Mt. Carmel while savoring the delightful taste of the islands’ special dishes.

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Destination Grenada



Grand Vista Dune Buggy Tour

Experience the beautiful island of Grenada during this dune buggy adventure that takes you along scenic roads and trails on your way to natural and historical sites. Depart Pt. Saline and travel along the rugged coastal trail hugging the Morne Rouge Bay. You’ll arrive at Quarantine Point and take in the beautiful vistas of Grand Anse Bay and the town of St. George’s.



Champagne and Seafood Cruise

An experience fit for a King or Queen! Indulge yourself while sipping champagne, feasting on lobster(Seasonal) and sailling away into paradise. It’s the perfect day and it can be all yours only in Grenada. Experience pure bliss sailing in Grenada on the 60 foot, motorized catamaran. During this six hour tour, you will sail past Grand Anse Beach for a snorkeling

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Sandals Grenada

Defying every convention of traditional design, the new Sandals Grenada takes innovation beyond the realm of imagination to create an extraordinary resort unlike anything you have ever experienced

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