If you dream of a tropical paradise, look no further than the resorts offered by J & M Belize Travel. Located across the hemisphere in Jamaica, the Bahamas, Punta Cana, Cancun, St. Lucia and Belize, you’ll never experience relaxation in such pristine environments.

For an adventure unlike any other, Belize is the place to be. Home to the second largest reef in the world, decorated with limestone caves carved through the rainforest’s mountains over hundreds of thousands of years and preserver of the ancient temples of the Maya, Belize is its own world of good food, great adventure and even better memories.

Head to the island nation of Jamaica for diversity where you can lounge on the beach one day and hike up to the picturesque Dunn’s River Falls the next. Visit the preserved James Bond beach of Oracabessa or the well-known capital of St. James parish, Montego Bay. No matter the destination, Jamaica is an all-together great location for those that want just a little bit of everything.

In the Bahamas, choose either an energetic vacation near the bustling heart of the capital of Nassau or choose to relax in lavish settings along the secluded great Exuma. With as small as these islands are, you’re in for a vacation that is never far away from the beach. Partake of the local festivities, admire the native craftsmanship and savor the local food. No matter where you settle down for this vacation, the Bahamas remain the ultimate beach getaway for a reason.

If you want more of a city experience, Punta Cana offers that and more. With a long string of fully developed beaches, more activities than can be completed in one day and proximity to a UNESCO world heritage city, Punta Cana is the veritable big city vacation island experience. Stay on the coast for unbeatable seafood or head inland to take in the marvelous culture.

Cancun is a Yucatan beauty long loved for the escapism it offers tourists. Its waters are turquoise, beaches long and excitement real. Those that want a downtown experience can stay in El Centro while beach lovers will find no shortage of resorts in the Zona Hotelera. Even more breathtaking is its closeness to numerous Mayan sites, include Yamil Lu’um, or the Temple of the Scorpion.

Famous island nation of the eastern Caribbean, St. Lucia is the getaway for those that want an island adventure. Along the coast, visitors are treated to world-famous reef diving. Along the interior, however, is a rainforest hiding two mountain, the Pitons. Because of this, St. Lucia’s beaches are one-of-a-kind in the region as they were formed from the now-dormant volcanoes.

There’s a reason why the Caribbean and Atlantic are seen as the paradises of the world. Crystal blue water, soft beaches and stunningly warm weather mean that any time is a great time to vacation here. Reach out to J & M Belize travel and let us help you find your dream tropical getaway.


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